Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Iglesia Nazareth congregation in Mineros with Mateo at the conclusion of the missions and evangelism workshops on Wednesday evening

Wednesday afternoon outreach to a community about 30 minutes outside of Mineros--what joy to share God's Word and Jesus' love with these children!

Wednesday morning outreach to a local school with over 200 children in attendance; Mineros has many sugarcane farms

A local government run school invited the church to come and present a puppet show, songs and Bible lessons on Wednesday morning.  Praise God for this opportunity!  The outreach team from Iglesia Nazareth presented a fun and  Christ-centered outreach!

An outreach to neighborhood children in Mineros on Tuesday

Praise God for 3 opportunities to share His Word and encourage His people on Tuesday!  The above pictures are from one of two children's outreaches held on Tuesday at the Iglesia Nazareth in Mineros.  Pastor Esteban Paniagua and his wife Evelyn are serving at this congregation and working with Compassion International in providing teaching and mercy ministries for children four days a week.

Esteban and Evelyn Paniagua with Mateo in Santa Cruz and in front of their church building in Mineros ( about 1.5 hours north of Santa Cruz)